Create a compelling and vertically integrated sales / marketing deck that condenses the myriad offerings of a unique 3D technology, digital media solutions, online advertising, and search marketing company.


Utilized new brand direction and style guide to create a sharp and impactful marketing and sales asset that tells the unique story and strategy of Viewpoint.


Was very enthusiastically received by sales and marketing teams across the company. Acknowledged to be a key component in marketing and sales successes.

Red Bulls

What I did.

Worked with stake holders to formulate look, feel, and messaging of an important asset designed to be the first introduction of a new brand and corporate strategy.


Developed consensus on implementation. Gathered together all necessary assets for successful completion. Created and maintained schedule and managed team.

Art Direction.

Worked with design team to create several creative / design directions. Accommodated stakeholders’ feedback and reached design consensus. Worked with design team to implement design across a large number of slides.


Worked with stakeholders in the marketing and sales departments to develop the extensive content and copy of the deck. Gathered all needed visual assets from various sources. Worked with writing team to produce copy that ties together overall strategy with visual story telling.



Always rewarding to have marketing and sales folks thank you for
helping them drive revenue.

Pretty pictures are nice but we need to make money too.

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