To create an immersive marketing website that evokes the richly detailed and engaging role playing world from the game.


Utilize 3D assets directly from the game to render thematic interactive environments that are unmistakably Star Wars.


Award winning and extremely well received marketing site by both the client and the fan community.

Lightsaber Duels
Childhood Memories

What I did.

Acted as producer and art director. Worked with client to develop concept and worked with team for final execution.

Produce / Project Manage.

Developed list of deliverables and timelines for delivery. Maintained steady contact with a very busy client. Ensured art direction is to the client's high standards.

Art Direction.

Delivered two design directions along with two each from two other designers. Provided full support and direction for the winning design. Worked with 3D artists to storyboard and render compelling scenes and animations.


Built prototype / beta version of site to guide backend application developers on final creative product. Oversaw application implementation to creative specs.





Growing up a huge Star Wars fan it was a real thrill to get to work with LucasArts on an ambitious Star War role playing game.

Part of the fun of the project was actually playing the game and running around in the Star Wars Universe.

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