Creative professional with over 15 years of experience in brand development, rich media design, creative management, and professional consulting for corporations, startups, and everything in between.


Over 250 projects ranging from interactive design / development, logo & brand design / development, live events, social media, motion graphics, and project & team management.


A meticulous approach to the client's needs that includes extensive research and ideation. Collaboration with the client and creative passion are the key.

More than your average creative.

I pride myself on having not just extensive experience in all manner of customer focused graphic design, strategic brand development, and motion graphics - but also a solid track record of interactive development, creative team leadership, strong interpersonal communication, and results driven marketing & sales collaboration.


From logos & brand development, print design, cutting edge user interface & experience design to impactful motion graphics and live events.


A solid foundation in internet & interactive development from early HTML to Flash and back to the promise of HTML5 and mobile apps.


From economies of scale utlizing adaptive / responsive design across all hardware and software platforms to dedicated mobile applications.


Never one to hand off a project and walk away. Always available to support customers as they evolve their brand experience.

What people are saying.

A selection of hand-picked testimonials. A happy customer is what it's all about.

  • “I've worked with Matt at various companies over the course of 15 years and he is one of the best Creative Directors that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

    Doug Ruiz via LinkedIn

  • “Not only has Matt proven himself in the industry but also creates high levels of quality work in every aspect of his projects.”

    Jace Trimmer via LinkedIn

  • “Matthew is one of the few designer/producers who is able to competently manage all aspects of a project while also being proactively involved in design and development. He is deeply skilled in client engagement and account management and is able to keep a project on track with an approach to his team that is cool and friendly.”

    Craig Brown via LinkedIn

  • “Matt is a highly motivated individual and his inter-personal communication skills are excellent. His knowledge of the business and ability to keep the team focused on the main objectives of a project have been key to producing quality deliverables that meet the client's expectations and are consistently on time and within budget.”

    Luca Milano via LinkedIn

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