To create a brand and an engaging and informative web presence for a non-profit organization that builds schools for children in third world countries.


Executed a clean and optimistic brand and designed a simple and clean website that focused not on over baked user experience but on the mission at hand.


Very well received brand and successful web launch that has been a focal point for informing the public and collecting much needed donations.


What I did.

Worked with non-profit at no cost to develop engaging brand and design web presence.

Brand Development.

Designed logo after several iterations and developed overall brand color scheme and feel. Collected assets including photographs of children in target countries / communities.


Beyond logo and brand, designed website and overall user experience focusing on clean and unencumbered layout that drives users to information about the mission and how to donate.


Built prototype of website in HTML and project managed tech team for full code buld out and ensured user experience was spot on with creative vision.


A wonderful organization that is doing much good around the globe and bringing new hope to children who might otherwise not have much to hope for.

Very rewarding to be a part of this organization from the very begining and watch it grow. The excitement and smiles on the children's faces says it all.

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