To create engaging product packaging design for the 30th anniversary release of the iconic science fiction masterpiece Blade Runner.


Take advantage of the wealth of awe inspiring imagery to create fresh and engaging packaging that speaks to long time fans of this legendary film.


Package design that led to a very pleased client and praise from the existing Blade Runner fan base. Sales of the video release that were very strong.

Voight-Kampff Tests

What I did.

Worked with agency and client to develop engaging product packaging and layout though several rounds.

Project Management.

Took overall ownership of project with daily meetings with client and managing over all scheduling and resourcing.


Worked with client and internal teams to access, sort through, and manage large amount of graphic assets. Use assets to design a compelling packaging scheme worth of a major anniversary of a beloved science fiction classic.


After design approvals, worked with final layout and print teams to ensure that printing and packaging proofs were to overall specifications and expectations.



A project of passion to be sure.  So cool I had to have one myself.

20 years after working on the Blade Runner video game website I had the opportunity to work once again on project for one of my favorite movies.

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