To develop high-end and extremely detailed and reusable 3D models and marketing animations of both commercial and military jet engines for GE Aviation.


Work closely with the client to develop the story for each engine. Comb through intense CAD information to scale down to manageable assets for 3D animation.


High quality animations pieces for the heart of GE Aviation line. Economies of scale as animations are used on corporate websites, at trade show events, and on kiosks at GE Headquarters.


What I did.

Produced and creatively directed team of 3D, animation, and voice talents. Partnered with client closely on very technical and detailed assets, messaging, and animations.

Produce / Project Manage.

Acted as producer on series of projects for commercial and military jet engines. Collaborated and managed client throughout the entire process. Wrote contracts, schedules, and final cost to client. Managed team to ensure maximum profitability of each project.

Creative Direction.

Led team of 3D artists to storyboard all projects. Created overall look and feel of animation pieces. Worked with sound teams to select the right music and voice artists.


Worked with client to develop scripts for all engine storylines. Made sure messaging synchs up with every product detail.

After a lifelong fascination with the miracle of flight I get to work with
one of the giants and pioneers of the industry.

Lots of fun to see your work spread across so many mediums and to be integral pieces of marketing for such an important company.

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