To create a fun and engaging real time 3D application showcasing artist Shin Tanaka's take on the entire Scion line of automobiles.


Executed an addictive customizable application that allows users to create unique custom digital cars that are then printed out in to real world foldable models.


Enormous success and hip brand showpiece for Scion. Huge download numbers and long running showcase at many Scion events.

Paper Models Attempted

What I did.

Acted as creative lead and project manager on project. Worked with client to help conceptualize their iniital idea. Designed user experience and worked with 3D artists and programmers to realize the final vision.

Project Management.

Developed project schedule with client and team. Managed client expectations and team progress while ensuring a successful on-time deliverable.


Designed user experience and overall layout. Worked with 3D artist and programmer to ensure the integrity of the creative elements and overall creative vision is realized.


Designed wireframes to inform the client of what the user experience would be as well as guide 3D artist and programmer as to how to achieve that experience.



Another chance to work with a fun and amazing brand.

I've always loved how Scion embraces and engages with the creative community.

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