To develop a new website and provide lifestyle and product photography for a quality sunglasses and optical company.


Designed fresh new web design that focuses on large scale photography showcasing high quality product shots as well as engaging lifestyle photography.


A high quality product now has a worthy website. Client very happy and website now driving more traffic and helping to generate greater sales.

UV Protection

What I did.

Drove overall project as project manager and creative lead. Acted as lead designer on website as well as product photographer and art directed lifestyle photo shoots. Built prototype website as guide for back end programmers.

Project Management.

Worked with client to define scope and timeline of project. Managed day to day work flow. Schedule and manage coding and photography teams. Ensured on time delivery of final product.


Designed fresh approach to website focusing on large scale high quality photography of products as well as lifestyle, culture, and product technology. Overall focus on product quality, style and durability.


Coded prototype of website based on final designs. Hand over prototype and assets to back end coders and oversaw their implementation and progress.

Really cool and high quality product. Took their website to the next level to get the message out and drive revenue.

Extra bonus to the project was being given a lot of really nice sunglasses to take home.

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